Tax Schedules and Rates
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If your agency is required to charge tax on top of service fees you can configure applicable Tax Schedules and rates in Penelope.

Prior to configuring the tax feature you must first request that the tax feature be enabled by contacting the Penelope Support Team.

Once the tax feature is enabled you will configure two items:

  • Tax Rates – A Tax Rate is a specific rate/percentage that is charged on top of a service fee. For example, in the province of Manitoba, most goods and services are taxed at two rates: 5% (GST) and 8% (PST). A Tax Rate can be used by multiple Tax Schedules.

  • Tax Schedules – A Tax Schedule contains one or more Tax Rates. Tax Schedules are assigned to Service Units, Individuals and Funders. The included Tax Rate/s in the Tax Schedule are then used to calculate fees. For example, a Tax Schedule for Manitoba would be made up of two Tax Rates (5% GST and 8% PST).

You can further configure Service Units, Individuals, and Funders to automatically apply a Tax Schedule when an applicable Service Unit is added to the cart. A Tax Schedule drop-down is available in the Service Unit setup as well as Individual and Funder Profiles that allows you to specify which Tax Schedule should be employed automatically.

If you do not assign a Tax Schedule to a Funder and/or Individual Profile you can still manually charge the tax by making an adjustment in the cart.

If taxes are charged for a cart item an additional line with the Tax Rate and associated fees will appear in the invoice.

For more information on configuring Tax Schedules and rates in Penelope click here.

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