What can I do to prevent data from being deleted by Workers?

The best way to prevent accidental deletion of records is putting delete passwords into place.

To prevent Events and the information stored on them from being deleted, we also suggest the following --

  • Change the "Restrict Edit Event Notes" setting on the Security page on the System Admin side to "To Assigned Workers"

  • Have Workers lock their Event Notes once they're complete -- though this will make it so they are unable to edit them if they need to make changes, it would prevent them from being removed and also prevent the Event itself from being deleted.

  • Store your Event Notes in a Document instead of in the Event Notes tab -- Documents allow for the use of the "Restrict Worker from Deleting Completed Documents" Security Class setting. This setting prevents Documents from being deleted, and will also prevent any Events with Documents on them from being deleted, but the Documents can still be edited.

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