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Billing Performance Improvements

Billing Performance Improvements are on their way to Penelope

Updated over a week ago

Billing inside of Penelope has undergone behind-the-scenes renovations to improve calculations and recalculations, specifically to better support large billing processes. The updates to the existing billing functionality include an enhancement to the performance of large calculations as well as rounding. The rounding enhancement work will ensure more accurate usage of policy amounts where there are several decimal places and overall make for more precise invoice amounts.

Gone are the days of having to wait for calculations to process before continuing about your other work inside of Penelope. Calculations are taken care of outside of Penelope, freeing up the user interface to complete other tasks.

A “Calculation in progress” message appears inside the Service Event Cart tab to let you know that the system is working.

Billing Calculation Update messages can be delivered to notify users of a completed calculation and those that may require additional attention or have an error. These messages are delivered inside the Collaboration Suite on the right-hand side of Penelope.

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