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Technical Instructions
Technical Instructions

Learn how to troubleshoot some of our more complex features.

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Troubleshooting: "The user name and password do not match. Please try again."
Troubleshooting: Cart Items reverting to previous amount after cancelling
Preventing Data DeletionWhat can I do to prevent data from being deleted by Workers?
Troubleshooting: "No User account found" and "Ping returned unsuccessful" DSS errors"No User account found" and "Ping returned unsuccessful" DSS errors
ODBC TroubleshootingODBC connection not working? Check out some of these common (and some not-so-common) issues and resolutions!
RTE - formatting and copying/pasting tipsIf you experience any "issues" while using RTE, see tips below
Clearing a Browser Cache
ODBC RequestsA quick reference for when you're looking to submit an ODBC account creation request!
Troubleshooting: (Error Code: 1202) appearing when requesting an Event through ClientConnect
Troubleshooting: "Numeric format is invalid"
Troubleshooting: SSO user login being rejected
Troubleshooting: Email External Communications are not sending
Troubleshooting: "This service is being offered by another blue book entry"
Troubleshooting: Worker not appearing when attempting to add them to a Service File
Troubleshooting: A user is being logged out immediately after logging in
Troubleshooting: Payments are successful in PayPal but are not appearing in Penelope
User cannot see Case Services when making a Referral
Troubleshooting: A Worker Profile cannot be deleted
Troubleshooting: ‘Oops’ error when client submits document through Engage
Troubleshooting: ‘Scheduling Conflicts and Warnings’ error
Troubleshooting: Service File Cannot be Closed
Troubleshooting: Cannot remove Individual from a Case
Troubleshooting: "Unidentified client total" DSS error
Troubleshooting: Intake Wizard notes not saving
Troubleshooting: "Document Date cannot be in the future" when closing Service File
Troubleshooting: Scores not calculating after finishing Document
Troubleshooting: Text entered into Document not saving