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How to issue or redeem BTCS and ETHS via Stably Bridge
How to issue or redeem BTCS and ETHS via Stably Bridge
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How to issue or redeem BTCS and ETHS via Stably Bridge

  1. Create a Stably account and complete KYC/KYB at:

    1. Stably Ramp (for individuals)

    2. Stably Prime (for entities)

  2. Submit a token issuance or redemption transaction request on this form.

  3. Our team will contact you shortly after to provide instructions for the next steps.

Are there any issuance or redemption fees?

There are no fees for issuing/redeeming BTCS and ETHS (other than network fees).

What are the minimum and maximum issuance/redemption amounts?

There are no maximum limits for issuing/redeeming BTCS and ETHS. There is an issuance/redemption minimum of 1 BTC for BTCS and 10 ETH for ETHS. For more information, click here.

For smaller transaction sizes, you may buy/sell BTCS and ETHS on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as Dexie, a decentralized and non-custodial exchange for Chia assets, including BTCS and ETHS issued on Chia.

What are the token addresses for BTCS and ETHS?

For more information, please click here.

Feel free to contact us at:

Risk Disclaimer: Digital assets involve significant risks, including (but not limited to) market volatility, cybercrime, regulatory changes, and technological challenges. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Digital assets are not insured by any government agency, and holding digital assets could result in loss of value and even principal. Bridged or wrapped digital assets (e.g. WBTC) involve additional risks, such as technical challenges, higher fees, security vulnerabilities, and reliance on third-party custodians. Please conduct your own thorough research and understand potential risks before purchasing/holding digital assets. Nothing herein shall be considered legal or financial advice. For more information about the risks and considerations when using our services, please visit:

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