No Spam Policy

Our Candidate Search tool has one of the highest response rates among recruiting platforms because we try hard to create a good experience for candidates. Developers are sensitive to anything that can be seen as "spam," so it's very important that you send messages that include:

  1. The name of the hiring company

  2. Details about the role

This ensures you hear back from more candidates. We’ve seen response rates drop when companies don’t include details about the opportunity.

Additionally, we strongly encourage you to send personalized messages. And we don’t allow solicitations for general representation or requests for other peoples' contact info.

We’ve made it easy for you to meet these requirements:

  1. If you have one Company Page, we will automatically attach it to your message. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to select a Company Page.

  2. We provide a dropdown to link one of your teams' jobs to your message.

You can always include more information about the company or role in the body of your message. See: tips on messaging candidates.

Why are there message limits?

You can only send 100 outbound messages to candidates at any given time. However, as soon as a candidate responds to one of your messages (or if they don’t respond within 7 days), you’ll receive a new message credited back to your account.

Good luck!

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