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Sending e-mails and tickets
Sending e-mails and tickets

Finding contact groups and sending e-mails with (or without) tickets

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You send e-mails to contacts via Stager. You also have the option to add free tickets to these. Of course, the contact must already have been created under Contacts before you can select them and send them a mail.

After performing a search via the search field or Audiences, you receive a list of contacts and the button appears at the bottom of the page: Email.

Stager sends HTML e-mails with responsive layout. This contains several useful links, such as My Tickets with ticket e-mails and My Shifts for a notification e-mail service.

NOTE: You can also start a mail via Stager by selecting the Send Mailing option under the Marketing - Contacts main menu. This way, you do not have to first select one or more contacts in order to mail. By typing people’s names in the field with the Search contact placeholder, you can search the database and easily add contacts to the mail as recipients.

NOTE: Do you use Outlook on Windows? Stager separates e-mail addresses with commas. Outlook on Windows uses semicolons as separators by default, which gives you an error message if you use Outlook. Click here to read about how to set up Outlook so that you can also send e-mails via Outlook.

Mailing with Stager

If you choose to mail via Stager, then you can draw up your e-mails in the style you have set under your E-mail Theme. You can then drag the desired Components into your e-mail to create your e-mail. To see a preview of your mail, click Test e-mail at the bottom.


Drag various components to the preview mail and edit the blocks on the left side of the page.

Free Text

  • Text that can be freely entered. The text formatting method is called Markdown. You can find more information on this via and Markdown wikipedia.

  • Use the figure to address your contacts with first name, last name or full name and make your e-mail look even better by adding images or a GIF.

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