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Manage guest list with the Stager App
Manage guest list with the Stager App

Put names on the list and check in visitors

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There are different ways to add guests to the guest list and check them in:

NOTE: Make sure the right permissions are set in Settings - Account - Users. If you do not see the guest list or are unable to add guests in the app, you probably do not have permissions for this.

Checking in guests

There are different ways to check in a guest.

  • In the app, go to Guest list and select an event. Swiping right results in checking in one guest. Guests who arrive at different times can be checked in separately.

  • Tap the name of the guest for Guest details and check them in by clicking Guest Arrived.

Make sure that sufficient guest tickets are available. At the top right of the app, you can find the Add Guest button to add new guests.

See how to check in a guest here:

Add guests

Guests can be people who already have their details in Stager or people not yet known to Stager. When a guest is not known, you search by name and select the relation from the drop down menu. The event is then linked to the relation. This way, you can find who has been to what event.

Or you click the Edit button to add additional guest list spots to an existing guest.

See how to do that here:

Add multiple guests simultaneously

You can also add guests in bulk with the app. Suppose you receive a list via WhatsApp. You copy the names, open the app and paste the list in the app. Stager recognizes the different names and how many spots are assigned to someone. See the example of how you can provide the list below:

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