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How can I find visitors of events?
How can I find visitors of events?

Finding contacts via audiences

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Stager has extensive possibilities for finding groups of customers based on their visits. Perform various searches in Marketing - Contacts - Audiences via Tickets bought for.

You can search by:

  • Tickets for

  • Ticket types bought

  • No tickets for

  • Tickets for events between

  • Tickets bought between

or a combination of these.

You add events to the list of events whose visitors you want to find. You can create combined searches, e.g. visitors who visited both event X and event Y, but have not yet bought a ticket for event Z. You can then inform these people of the upcoming event.

Via Ticket Types Bought, you select one or more ticket types, such as 'Early Bird' if you only want to find the visitors who purchased an Early Bird ticket for that event.

Use Events visited between to find visitors who visited an event within a certain period and Tickets bought between to find visitors who purchased a ticket within a certain period. 


I want to reward visitors for their frequent visits. Every visitor who has visited my venue 15 times in the past year receives a free ticket. Under Events visited between, I enter 01-01-2018 / 31-12-2018 in and under Tickets for more than, I enter 15.

I click 'Show contacts', and I send all contacts generated by this search query a free ticket for next weekend. 

Read more about sending free tickets with Stager here. And if you want to export data, you can find out how to do so here.

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