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Stager in a nutshell
Stager in a nutshell
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Stager is an all-in-one system which combines production planning, marketing and ticketing. The tool is always online accessible to your entire team. You can also use Stager just for ticket sales.

How does Stager work?

Stager works as follows: in the administrator part (Settings), you can set up beforehand which settings you are going to use for your events, such as ticket types, locations, shipping address of the tickets, etc. You then create an event in the calendar, and indicate when and where it takes place, how many tickets you are going to sell and set the price. It is recommended to first go through Admin before using Stager.


You can create a Stager Ticketing account yourself online and in no time, you are able to sell tickets. We always offer you your own ticket shop which you can customize to your organizations' design. You can embed this ticket shop in your own website or open it in a new browser window. During the event, you scan the tickets at the door with the Stager app. This app can be downloaded for free and works on mobile phones and scan devices running iOS or Android. Tickets are issued in the name of the holder and sent to an email address. This means that after some time, you have an enormous list of names (+ email addresses) of ticket buyers. This is the basis of the Stager relation management system.


All ticket buyers become a contact in your Stager backstage. Besides ticket buyers, you can also fill the relation management system of Stager with information of all employees, volunteers, press relations, suppliers, artists, VIPs, neighbors, board members and contributors. It is very easy to select and approach exactly the right target group with online marketing tools, but you can send a mailing to the press with the Stager mail system just as easy. Besides a relation management system and mail system, Stager also provides publication channels, with which you can publish information about the event (text, pictures + video links) directly to your own website and to agenda platforms such as the national tourist office. Finally, Stager is integrated with Google Analytics, Facebook and Google Tag Manager for online marketing purposes.


The basis of Stager is a calendar on which you plan events. Per event, you can establish the entire pre-production. Think about appointments about hospitality, the travelling schedule of the artist, or where to spend the night. You can also make time sheets of activities and share these with your team, external contact or view it in the Stager app. Besides production planning,

Stager can also be used to timetable your personnel. First, you create the shifts and indicate if you want to schedule the employees directly, or whether the employees can do this themselves, or if they can only indicate their availability. Employees log in to the online environment (also to be used mobile) to indicate when they want to work and to check when they are scheduled to work.


Over the years, Stager has grown into one of the most comprehensive all-in-one solution for event organizers. You do not have to use all functionalities of course, but we notice that users have more success and work more efficiently when they use Stager more consequently and more intensively. It is quite possible you are a bit overwhelmed initially by all the options. No worries, we have an help center online where you can learn how to use Stager to its full potential and we're happy to help you anytime. 

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