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What disappears? And things good to know

Overview of features and functions that will be removed from Stager

Meer dan een week geleden bijgewerkt

This article is about changes effective from July 1, 2021.

With the addition of a ton of code and features, there is also a need to tidy up a bit. In some cases because the old functions do not match the new workflow, in other cases because functions were used so little that we can conclude that there is no need for them anymore.

What disappears?

  • Order fee
    Order fees are costs that you place on an order.

  • The donate tool
    We can no longer support this temporary corona tool because payments could have been done via two different payment service providers. We cannot well distinguish and process this with the Refund-or-donate tool. However, the bulk refund tool and the option to immediately refund all ticket buyers will remain for a while to be able to process refunds for older payments.

  • Undo refund button
    In Ticket Management you can choose to change a ticket sales status back to 'SOLD' after a refund has been made by clicking on Undo refund. In the new situation, a refund made means in most cases that the money has actually been refunded. It is then not possible to undo refunds.

What else do I have to take into account?

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