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Meer dan een week geleden bijgewerkt

This article is about changes effective from July 1, 2021.

We are switching from our current payment service to a new payment service, namely Adyen. This means that the ticket money flows are handled by Adyen and that is a considerable adjustment. With this transition, we are also overhauling other processes to make administrative processes easier for you and for us. This transition is scheduled for July 1, 2021.

In order to continue selling tickets, it is necessary to register for a payment account with Adyen. You will receive information about it by mail.

You do not need to take any action for other changes, although they can affect certain work flows. It is therefore useful to read this section of the help center so that you are aware of what is about to change and do not face unexpected surprises.

Why is this change necessary?

  1. In recent years, new EU legislation on payment transactions has been made, the so-called "Payment Service Directive 2" (PSD2). Stager currently receives the ticket fees for organizers. The PSD2 states that only banks are allowed to accept money for third parties. Stager does not have the ambition to play bank, which is why we are “getting out of the money flow”. The transition to a new payment service makes this possible, as Adyen has a banking license. In the new situation, all organizers have their own account with Adyen on which they receive their ticket revenue and the money no longer goes through Stager.

  2. We want to simplify the financial processes with regard to administration, refunds and payments.

What will change?

This is a brief overview of the changes that are taking place. Click through to the articles where more information can be found per topic.

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