Payments concerning the purchase of tickets

Buying tickets in the ticket shop and transaction info in the backstage

Meer dan een week geleden bijgewerkt

This article is about changes effective from July 1, 2021.

What exactly does the switch to Adyen mean for buying tickets?

There are a number of visible changes regarding the purchase of tickets. However, most of it remains as you are used to. A lot of things have been changed in the background, but as a Stager user or ticket buyer you won't notice that.

In the ticket shop

Everything remains the same with regard to iDeal and Sofort. Making a payment with credit card payment is different, because the ticket buyer is no longer redirected to another tab. The ticket buyer chooses Card and can then enter the credit card details of VISA, Mastercard or a Bancontact card directly. The type of credit card is recognized by the credit card number and this is shown in the input field with an icon. The 3D Secure authentication is also performed on the order preview page itself. So visitors can buy a ticket with a credit card without leaving the ticket shop.

In addition to paying with a Bancontact card, Belgian ticket buyers can also choose to pay with Payconiq by Bancontact, an app where a QR code is scanned. This is the most common way to pay with Bancontact, the ticket buyers chooses this payment method by clicking on Payconiq by Bancontact.

In the backstage

A new tab has been added to the Orders page. In addition to Tickets in order, you will also find Transactions on order there. On this tab we register the online transactions that have been made on the order, like successful payments, canceled payments and refunds.

What you don't see

You have probably already heard that you have to create an account with the new payment service provider Adyen to be able to sell tickets. That is because when purchasing a ticket, the ticket price plus service fee is split immediately; most of the turnover goes to your account and the Stager ticket fee including VAT goes to the Stager account. This way, your ticket revenue will never be deposited with Stager, and you will have the option to payout at any time.

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