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Payouts, chargeback- and refund reserve

Total control over paying out your ticket revenue

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This article is about changes effective from July 1, 2021.

Your ticket revenue is collected on your own account, which gives you control over the payouts. You can arrange these payouts under Settings - Account - Payout.

Payout mode & balance

When paying out your ticket income, the available balance will be deposited into your bank account, with the exception of:

  • Chargeback reserve

  • Refund reserve (optional)

  • Payout fee including VAT

If the ticket buyer reverses the payment of a purchased ticket via the credit card company, this is called a chargeback. It can be done with or without a valid reason, it is always only after the chargeback that it is determined whether the chargeback was justified or not. This carries a certain risk. The chargeback reserve covers the risk of chargebacks. The amount is the sum of credit card payments for events that have not yet taken place. Shortly after an event has ended, ticket revenue paid for by credit card will be made available for payout.

The refund reserve is an amount that you set yourself with a maximum of €200. This amount will not be paid out but will be kept in your account in case you have to make a refund immediately after a payout.

The payout fee plus VAT will be debited from your account immediately after payout and can be found on the monthly Receipt.

You always opt for a weekly or monthly scheduled payout:

  • Weekly on Monday

  • Monthly on the 1st

Do you want to be paid extra in the meantime? Then choose a Manual payout.

Payout statement

After a payout (both scheduled as manual), the action will appear in the Payouts overview. A payout statement is available for each payout and can be used for your administration.

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