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Payment methods
Payment methods

Choose the payment methods to offer the audience

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Choose which payment methods you want to make available for your ticket buyers. You determine the order in which the payment methods are offered on the payment page. This setting, which you manage via Settings - Ticketing - Payment methods, applies to all ticket shops:

  • iDeal: the most used payment method in the Netherlands;

  • Credit card: VISA, Mastercard and Bancontact card;

  • Sofort: German payment method;

  • Giropay: German payment method;

  • Bancontact: Belgian method where the payment is authenticated with a QR code via the Bancontact app.

Take into account variable additional costs for the use of some payment methods (1.5% to 3% of the order amount) on top of the fixed fee. Via Settings - Account - My plan you can see exactly which costs are associated with each payment method.


In the case of the credit card, ticket buyers can reverse their payment if they feel they have not received the correct product. In addition, the ticket fees paid by credit card will be paid to the organizer after the event.

In the case of Sofort, the payment can also be reversed. The ticket buyer may or may not have enough money in the account. Due to slow processes, the bank only finds out after a few days. Or the ticket buyer can reverse the payment within 48 hours. This is due to the legislation in Germany and Switzerland, which gives all buyers the right to reverse payments. In both cases the ticket has already been issued, but the organizer (and Stager) do not receive any money.

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