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Updates & Releases
Updates & Releases

See what’s new. The latest Stager updates and release notes

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Release notes May 2023
Release notes April 2023
Release notes March 2023Improving production features
Release notes February 2023Show advancing tool, localized tickets, locked tickets and the final unsubscribe
Release notes January 2023Event schedule, marketing insights and the program tab in the event templates
Release notes December 2022
Release notes November 2022Event template don't have a date anymore, door sales improvements and test ticket download mails
Release note October 2022New ticket design, mobile browser tickets, Giropay and copy mailings
Release note September 2022Promo campaigns, mail from template and all tickets reserved status in the ticketshop
Release note August 2022
Release note July 2022Personnel groups, GDPR retentionperiod, delayed ticket download and improved log in flow in the ticketshop
Release note June 2022Few improvements and bug fixes this month
Release note May 2022Some new features regarding guest tickets, a new version of the app and a few improvements to improve the workflow
Release note April 2022Sales tracking, new mailing components and refund reverse for manual refunds
Release note March 2022Online marketing update and bug fixes
Release note February 2022Bug fixes and improvements
Release note January 2022New features and big improvements
Release note December 2021Improving the mailer, integration with ShowFigures and apple wallet update
Release note November 2021Daily results and calendar notes added to Stager with some other improvements and bug fixes
Release note October 2021Personal settings, TicketSwapper data, Partner publication settings, a lot of improvements and some nice bug fixes
Release note September 2021Expanded the 'Sales and scan statistics' along side with some improvements and bug fixes
Release note August 2021Prefixes merged with last name, improvements and bug fixes
Release note July 2021Bug fixing and improvements
Release note June 2021Switch to payment service provider Adyen, bug fixing
Release note May 2021Bug fixing
Release note April 2021Bug fixes and small improvements
Release note March 2021Ticket importer for all plans, bugs & improvements
Release note February 2021Sales graphs & compare events, improvements and bugs
Release note January 2021Ticket importer & creditcard payments
Release note December 2020Key contacts, bulk overwrite memberships
Release note November 2020Dashboard, scanned tickets in app, security certificates.
Release note October 2020Add timeline to template, guest statistics expanded, many events in your calendar and more, more, more..
Release note September 2020Memberships in ticket shop and many small improvements
Release note August 2020Send beautiful emails from guest import, improvements, bug fixes
Release note July 2020Email domain, ticket tab + online marketing improvements, bug fixes
Release note June 2020Image component for mailer, bugs & improvements
Release note May 2020Pre-payment checkbox, time slots, bugs and improvements
Release note April 2020Sales graphs in Stager App and minor improvements
Release note March 2020What's new?
Mailer features: alle veranderingen op een rijMailer 2.0, de nieuwe functies
Release note January 2020Version 2.19.5
Release note December 2019Released on 04-12-2019
Release note November 2019Released on 28-11-2019
Release note 2.18.31
2.18.23Switch to Intercom - SecureSwap per event - New tab ticket orders
2.18.2TicketSwap + Subscribers link + extra search option
2.17.22Importing guests in bulk + uploading files to the timeline
2.17.12The Big Feed Machine, Google Tag Manager, Stager app changes and lots of improvements
2.17.1Introducing the hyper dynamic interactive production planboard & the German ticketshop & subscribing to mailings.
2.16Quick create ticket sales, order limit per ticket type & customer log in changes.
2.15.6Search Event Group attendees + See deletion & restoring of Events in Activity Log
2.15.5New App + Restyled Default Ticketshop!
2.14.8Bug fixes and improvements!
2.14.7Anonymize Relation & Refund as User
2.14.2Sales Graph mailing marking + Bug fixes
2.14.0Opt-ins, Mailing improvements and seamless embedding ticketshops
2.12.1Holy Cannoli... A new Mailing system
2.11.17Februari Chill, Small & Steady
2.11.14 - Happy New Year!Ticket order search upgrades!
2.11.12 - XMAS ReleaseSearch Ticket Type, password reset & bug fixes
Release note - October 2017
Release Note - September 2017