If you are looking for some free stuff, you are in the right place then! Stake has a variety of different ways in which you can earn some free coins, and here are some of them:

  1. Daily rains, trivia, and roll hunts done by our Community Managers - in order to participate in these, you just need to have chat privileges unlocked (which will happen as soon as you wager $100) and be as active as you can;

    *Please note that you need to have wagered at least $3000 in the past 7 days to be eligible for Rains.

  2. Daily Telegram Challenge - it is done in the Challenges chatroom, and you may find all the additional information about it here; As for the starting time, prizes, the number of winners, and current live challenge, you will need to check our official Telegram channel;

  3. Telegram 3rd party Slot Hunts - Stake also hosts 3rd party providers hunts and all the information about it is also posted in our official Telegram channel; these are also done in the Challenges chatroom;

  4. Weekly VIP and regular challenges - besides these, we also have in store weekly regular and VIP challenges which are posted every Monday at around 12pm UTC- if you are one of our VIP players, you may participate in both of these challenges, but in case you still haven't reached VIP status (don't worry, you will get there eventually), you may only take part in the regular ones;

  5. Weekly Sports challenges - if you are more into sports and you like sports challenges, we have something for you as well!

  6. Monthly bonuses - you may learn more about our monthly bonuses here:

7. VIP bonuses - you may learn more about our VIP bonuses and VIP program on the following page:

8. Others - these above are not everything that we have to offer you! There is always more, so feel free to check out our Promotions page as well as you will find some additional interesting promos and challenges offers.

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