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How Stamp Me Works

An overview of what Stamp Me is and how it can work for your business!

Structuring Your Program

Some common FAQ's about how you can structure your Stamp Me loyalty program.

Joining, Stamping & Rewards

Learn how members join your Stamp Card, collect stamps, and redeem their rewards.

Setting up a Stamp Card

Common FAQ's on Stamp Card features & reward settings

Stamp Methods

Learn how you can issue stamps to customers in-person or remotely!


Learn about the additional campaigns you can run to enhance your Stamp Me loyalty program!


Everything you need to know about sending comms through Stamp Me

Merchant Console

Information on how to use our web-based console


All you need to know about what apps and platforms Stamp Me can be integrated with


Inspiration & resources how to promote your Stamp Me Loyalty Program!


Common user FAQ's, problems & their fixes

Security, Data Compliance & Policies

Stamp Me's policies and legal & security documentation

Account & Subscription Management

Information on how to manage your Stamp Me account, including changing your subscription

User Help

Help & support for Stamp Me members