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Learn how to use "Sign in with Tesla" to securely authenticate Standard Fleet for your Tesla vehicles.

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Customers can now connect to Standard Fleet’s online dashboard using Tesla Single Sign-On (SSO). This system, hosted and managed by Tesla, provides a direct way to authorize Standard Fleet to connect to your vehicles. You retain full control and benefit from enhanced security and reliability, allowing you to focus on managing your fleet business.

How it Works

After selecting Sign In with Tesla, you will be directed to Tesla’s authorization page, where you securely grant Standard Fleet access to your profile information, vehicle location, data, and commands — a fancy way of saying, “this lets Standard Fleet do magical things with your fleet”. The authorization is on a Tesla-hosted page, ensuring that your login credentials and information are safe and secure. You can revoke Standard Fleet access at any time at

Technical details: Standard Fleet connects to Tesla using OAuth and receives a secure “access token” from Tesla. We never see your password. We follow software industry best practices to connect to your account.

How to Sign in

To sign in to Standard Fleet with your Tesla account, navigate to Standard Fleet login and select Sign In with Tesla. You will be forwarded to a page hosted on to sign in with your Tesla account email and password.

Then, Tesla will ask you what information to allow Standard Fleet to access. The Standard Fleet dashboard and tools require approving all requested access types. Choose ‘Select All’ so Standard Fleet can provide full functionality.

After allowing access to Standard Fleet, our servers communicate directly with Tesla to load your live account information into your fleet dashboard.

If you have any issues or questions about Sign In with Tesla, please reach out to us via chat or email at


“Sign in with Tesla” simplifies the authentication process and is a secure method to grant Standard Fleet access to real-time information from your Tesla vehicles. The management of this connection through the Tesla site provides you the highest level of security, reliability, and peace of mind.

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