Getting listed on Game Master search requires you to be a verified Game Master. To become a verified Game Master you will need 5 or more reviews, your profile fully filled out, a game template made, and an adventure created and session scheduled.

Filling out your GM Profile

Start off by filling out your GM profile completely. This will be what players see when your games are listed or when searching for you specifically. Learn more about setting up your profile here.

Create a Game Template

Game templates are the outlines of your adventures. Creating a game template is the first step in being able to schedule adventures and get booked for games. Keep in mind, game templates are just data on the types of games you plan to run, but not something players can actually see, that is what Adventures are for. Learn how to create a game template here.

Create and schedule an Adventure

Once your game template is approved, you will need to create an adventure with it. Adventures are what players can see and book. More than 95% of our player's book games through Adventures. Learn more about creating and scheduling an adventure here.

Join the GM Discord
Our discord is a perfect place to get the latest updates, ask questions, and meet other amazing Game Masters. It is only for GMs, so there are no players in that community. Our Discord is the first to know about new features and updates. If you have signed up as a Game Master, you will find the join link on StartPlaying.Games top navigation.

Set Up Your Payouts

Setting up your payouts will allow you to easily cash out the money you have earned from games, directly to your bank account. Learn more about payments here.

Getting Reviews

To have your account verified you must have at least 5 approved reviews (verified or unverified reviews). You can get reviews from people who you have played with prior to joining StartPlaying, with folks you run free games for and verified reviews from people who play in paid games. You can find out more about reviews here.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be up and running in no time!

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