Reviews are one of the most important parts of a Game Masters profile, letting past players make their voices heard about what made you fun to play with. They also affect where you are seen on the GM Search page, so this means that it becomes crucially important for you to have good reviews on your page. Today we will walk through two ways for reviews to be added to your page.

Players who have played games with you on the site will receive an email prompting them to fill out a quick review of their experience. You may want to follow up with them a few days after the game to just thank them again for playing and ask them to fill that out. The review form is very easy to fill out and should only take a couple of minutes. Your players can find previous sessions they have played and review any of their GMs from the following link:

Personal Review Links

What if you haven't run a game on the site though? Fear not, because we have you covered there as well. You just have to send friends that you have played with before your review link. Every DM can add up to 20 reviews submitted this way!

If you are looking for how to find your review link, we have a great walkthrough on our article about how to show up in the DM Search. Reviews take 2-3 business days to show up, as they are all moderated by hand currently.

Once you have accumulated 5 reviews, you will start showing up in the GM search. We have a whole article with more information on that in the following link.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your reviews and level up your profile.

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