Now that you have signed up as a Game Master on StartPlaying.Games, you'll need to make some games and get them scheduled so they show up in Games Search. You will need to make a "Game Template" and then create an adventure that uses your template.

From the main page, navigate to the GM Dashboard

That will bring you to this page

Clicking on "Game Templates" will take you to this page where you will click on "Create Template". A Game Template contains all of the information about your game except dates and times.

Your Game Template will be like an outline for your Adventures. When we get to creating an Adventure, it will pull all its information from the Game Template.

When you click on Create Template, it will take you to this page

On this page, you will add images, name your adventure, and give it a brief description. We recommend a description be 2-3 paragraphs. When we review games for approval, this is something we pay close attention to. If you want your game to pass our approval on the first submission, here are things to make sure you put extra time into.

Put more than one picture

Shoot for three or more pictures so people can get information about your game when they click through. You also want to make sure these pictures set you apart while still looking professional. A low-quality phone picture of some handwritten notes or a drawing is not a great front picture for your game! You want people to be excited to engage with your game, so take some time to make sure your pictures represent you well. If you need some artwork, we have some royalty-free options here.

Give your game a good name and fill out the description

If a new D&D adventure comes out, you are probably going to want to run it. So is everyone else. You can have a game in Eberron that isn't named "Eberron." Put a little creativity into the name and it will help you stand out from the crowd of other people submitting that same adventure.

Descriptions are incredibly important because they are what you are using to sell your game to players. When we look over games for approval, we want to see 2-3 paragraphs in the description of the game so that new players can learn about the game before applying to it. If you submit your game and it only has one or two sentences in the description, it probably won't get approved.

Fill out all the information

If you leave blanks all over your listing, or you don't give your players enough information to know what they are getting into, your game won't be approved and you will have to add it anyway. Even if you think information is obvious, still add it! I have had players log into games with no way to communicate in the game because they didn't know they needed a microphone. Simple things like that seem obvious when you do it all the time, but to a brand new player, it can easily escape your thoughts.

Once you have finished filling out all the information on the game, go ahead and submit it for approval! Once your game has been reviewed and we approve it, you will be able to create an adventure from it, and have it listed in Games Search. To do this, lets head back to your GM Dashboard and click on Adventures.

From Adventures, you will click on "Create Adventure."

This will open up the Adventure Creation Menu, where you can choose if it is a regular campaign or a one-shot, which of your game templates to use, and if it is public or not. After making those choices, click on Create Adventure.

Now that your Adventure is created, you can schedule sessions and invite players to join you!

If you click on Add Session, it will open this menu, just fill out the information, and now you have a scheduled game that people can find in their searches!

Clicking on the "Invite Players" button will generate you an invite link that you can send to people who would like to sign up.

If you click that link, you can also see what your game will look like to potential players. I always click on it and read through just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

If you're creating a game for a special event like a charity fundraiser or convention, make sure to follow these additional instructions here.

As you review it, you can always go back and edit your game to fix anything you may have missed!

If you follow this guide, creating and listing games will be second nature to you in no time! Now get out there and start creating awesome games for those players!

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