There are many reasons why you might need to remove a player from a game listing you have active on StartPlaying. Whatever the case, the steps to finding the player in question's request and removing them are laid out below.

Go To Your GM Dashboard Or "Adventures" Menu

Clicking on "GM Dashboard" will take you to a set of options where you will click on "Adventures". You can also click "Adventures" straight from the home page's drop-down menu. Either way, you'll be brought to a page that shows all the adventures you currently have active.

Click "Edit Adventure" On The Adventure With The Player You Want To Remove

Every adventure you've created is listed on this page. You can filter by One-Shots and Campaigns to help you sort through them more easily. Find the adventure that the player you wish to remove is signed up for. Hit the "Edit Adventure" button.

Hit The "View Requests" Button

The "View Requests" option will show you every StartPlaying player profile that is signed up for your game. This includes people who you approved, those who used instant book, and those you added yourself.

Find The Player You Want To Remove And Click "Deny Request"

Give A Reason For Removal And Hit "Deny Request" To Confirm

To confirm the player removal, you'll need to pick a reason from the drop-down menu that appears in this pop up. You can use the text box to elaborate if you wish, but this isn't required. Once you've selected a reason, make sure to confirm that this is indeed the player you want to remove, and hit "Deny Request" to finalize the player removal.

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