It happens to the best of us–something comes up just as you sit down to GM a session and you suddenly need to cancel. Or a player's internet cuts out 10 minutes into a game and robs them of the chance to play. StartPlaying charges players an hour after a session's start time in anticipation of such issues, but things happen regardless. If you find yourself needing to ask for a refund due to a game that didn't happen or was cut too short, here's what you need to do.

Send a Message To StartPlaying Support

There are two ways to reach out to Support. You can click the red circle icon shown here to open up a chat box. Or you can email

Send This Information To Support

Players can request a refund on their own, but StartPlaying will wait three days for GM verification before processing a refund. After those three days are up, the refund will be processed even if the GM hasn't contacted Support. To make the process faster and easier, you can help by sending the following information in your message or email:

Refund Reason:

User(s) Names:

The email you as a GM use for SPG:

Date of Game:

Refund Amount per user:

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