The "Instantly Bookable" option can be used when creating an Adventure on StartPlaying. It allows players to join a game right away while skipping the GM approval process, and data shows that it leads to a higher player conversion rate. Here's how to enable it on your adventures.

What Instant Book Actually Does

If an Adventure has "Instantly Bookable" enabled, players will be automatically accepted to join once they sign up and enter payment information. This is different from the standard process, where players signups are sent to the GM who must then decide whether or not to approve them.

There are, of course, pros and cons to the system. One big benefit is that players seem more likely to sign up for an Adventure that has Instant Book enabled. About 20% more, as the numbers show. The knowledge that they won't have to go through an approval process appears to make people more willing to sign up. That said, some GMs might not want to give up the power to vet players. Safety in a TTRPG group is key, and GMs may want to interview potential players to ensure they'll fit before approving them.

How To Create A New Adventure With Instant Book Enabled

First, head to the "Adventures" section of your GM dashboard, accessible from the drop-down menu at the top right of StartPlaying's main site.

Hit "Create Adventure" Then Find The "Instantly Bookable" Option At The Bottom

How To Add Instant Book To An Already-Existing Adventure, Or Toggle It Off

Let's say you want to add Instant Book to an Adventure you already have listed on the site. To do so, head to the "Adventures" slide of your GM dashboard, find the adventure in question, and hit the blue "Edit Adventure" button.

Once in the edit screen, scroll all the way to the bottom. You should see the toggle box for "Instantly Bookable". Check it to enable Instant Book, or uncheck it to disable Instant Book.

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