One of the difficulties GMs face is getting someone to join a brand-new game as the first player. To help you land that crucial first signup, you can use the Early Bird discount feature. This gives the first TWO people to sign up a 50% discount on Session #1. You should also know that Early Bird discounts only apply to games with Instant Book enabled. Here's how to activate Early Bird Pricing for your games.

Go To "Manage Adventures" From Your GM Tab

Click on your profile picture in the upper right of the StartPlaying page to access your drop-down menu. Unfurl the Game Master tab and click "Manage Adventures."

Find The Game You Want Early Bird Pricing For And Hit "Edit Adventure"

You'll see cards for each of your adventures on this screen. Scroll down to see the "Edit Adventure" button on each adventure and click on the one you want to have Early Bird pricing for. In this example, we're looking to enable Early Bird for "Anime 5e."

Scroll All The Way Down To "Advanced Options"

Once in the Edit Adventure screen, scroll to the very bottom. You should see "Advanced Options" right before the "Save" button. Unfurl the Advanced Options menu. There should be a small box for "Early Bird Pricing." Check it to activate the feature.

Early Bird Pricing And Session Zero

One important thing to note about Early Bird Pricing is that it only activates for the first charged session of the qualifying players. If you set those players' prices to Free, Early Bird Pricing won't apply as there's nothing to discount. This can be a useful interaction to remember for GMs that like to offer free Session Zero for new campaigns.

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