D&O insurance from StartSure protects startups from lawsuits alleging issues with disclosures and reporting, regulatory actions, securities claims, and mergers and acquisitions.

Our standard D&O policy has three types of protection (or "sides"): A, B, and C. Each one safeguards a distinct aspect of your organization in a specific way:

  • Side A: Individual directors and officers' assets, if your startup is unable to indemnify them for claim-related costs.

  • Side B: Payments to the your business to cover the claim-related expenditures of a board member or officer.

  • Side C: Defense costs/settlements for accusations of negligence or breach of duty brought against your business.

Coverage examples:

Failure to Comply with Regulations - If a company's board of directors fails to follow industry standards or rules, they may be held responsible. Such cases, and the legal fees associated, are covered by D&O insurance.

Employee Lawsuits - Employees can sue board members for a number of reasons, including discrimination, wrongful termination, invasion of privacy, and even emotional distress if they're unhappy with management. D&O insurance protects board members' personal money while also covering the costs of lawsuits.

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