Station is committed to protect and secure the data of its users following transparent practices. Our privacy policies describe:

  • What information we collect and do not collect
  • Where and how is that information being stored
  • How we use that information 

What is Station?

Station is a dedicated workstation that centralizes of all the web applications used by an employee within one single desktop application. It aims to make working inside SaaS applications a lot easier and productive.

How does it work?

Station is a desktop application available on Mac and Windows Operating Systems. It is built on Electron, a development framework based on Chromium. The information users access on Station comes from a webview being displayed following the same protocol used by other traditional web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Station is an application running locally on the user's computer. It displays external web contents coming from the web, the exact same way a web browser would do. The contents being loaded depends on the apps installed by the user. 

Since Station is based on Chromium, Station handles the loading of external web content with the same security constraints and separation of environment (cookies, etc) than Google's native navigator Chrome.

We collect remotely only a limited subset of data necessary for telemetry. The nature of data collected & stored on our servers includes basic identification and usage data (e-mail address, apps installed, etc.) but does not include any of the content a user accesses through Station (URLs, page content, etc.).

General principles regarding data collection

Station has agreed on general principles that directly relate to the type of business we are building and clearly differentiates itself from other browsers on the market.

  1. Unlike most other web browsers that rely on advertizing to generate revenue, Station will not monetize any of the data users access through Station
  2. Station is commited to help employees increase their productivity and only monetize by charging companies that chose to use Station in a team setting, not through advertizing
  3. As a result Station only collects the basic data it needs to improve its product and provide a smooth experience to its users

Data being collected and stored on our servers

Station collects and stores the following data from its users:

  • e-mail address (required for signup)
  • operating system (for app installation)
  • web applications installed on Station (to allow users to search an application)
  • total number of clicks performed in the Station app (for analytics purpose)
  • time spent within each application
  • total number of clicks performed within each web application (for analytics purpose)

How is data being used

Station collects this data for 2 main purposes:

  • identify a user (e-mail address, operating system etc.)
  • monitor general activity for the sole purpose of Station team (nb of clicks, apps installed etc.) in order to improve the product

This data is collected and stored for the sole purpose of identifying users to confirm their access to Station and monitor activity on the Station application.

Data not being collected or stored

Station does not collect any of the following data:

  • nature of the URLs being loaded by user
  • information appearing on a page of any of the applications installed
  • passwords entered by users inside the applications installed
  • data uploaded on an application by a user through Station
  • files downloaded from an application (such as e-mail attachments), those are only stored locally on the computer of the user


Station includes the support of extensions. Those extensions might gather information from users and the Privacy Policies of those specific tools will apply. Station will not interfere with those extensions and will not gather any data on top of it.

How is data collected and stored

Station collects data using (their privacy Policies are available here)


Station handles cookies the same way it is done on other standard browsers.

Each application will produce cookies that will then be used by Station in order to load the page faster or keep a session open. Those cookies are stored locally on the user's device but are not collected and stored by Station on any server.

Contact Us

For any further information about Station's Privacy Policies, contact Julien Berthomier at julien at getstation dot com

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