In StatusCast your overall account is centered around the components that you create; all components have a status that you will manipulate by creating incidents. Components can be just about anything, a few examples of components may include:

  • Geographic regions, such as West Coast and East Coast

  • Service systems such as Live Chat, Phone, and Email support

  • Hardware clusters

  • Servers(for private and internal application use)

To manage your components, log into your admin portal account and navigate to the Components section. This page gives you a simple drag and drop UI allowing you to move components around easily.

Add new service components

If you need to add new services to your application simply select the Add Component button at the bottom of the page. Your component will need to be named so it can be easily recognized when statuses are updated. You can also give a description for any component if you wish in order to provide more information, as well as define custom SLA thresholds. Once the information is fill out select Update to save your new component.

StatusCast allows you to create sub-components so to help organize your services if needed. If you need to add a sub-component to any current just select  +Add Sub Component and you will be prompted to create the new component. At this time you can create up to 5 levels up components.

Edit service component
To edit any service simply select it from your list of service components and the available options will expand. Once you have made all modifications make sure to click the update button.

Delete a service component
If you need to completely delete a service select the Delete button just to the right of it and you will be prompted to confirm doing so. Please note by removing any component you will also be removing any sub-component associated with it.

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