*The Cloud Providers feature is currently in a public beta release, and is subject to change based on customer feedback*

StatusCast collects third party public incident information from hundreds of resources, allowing you to create a single resource that displays both your organization's status as well as the status of your service providers. To add cloud provider statuses to your page first log into your administrative portal (https://[YOURDOMAIN].statuscast.com/admin/) and navigate to the Settings > Cloud Providers section.:

Here you can search through all of the cloud providers that StatusCast integrates with and add them to your account. Note that your plan will come with an allotted amount of cloud provider subscriptions which should be displayed at the top of the section.

Integrate whats relevant to your organization

 Like your own status page, cloud providers have their own hierarchy of components which you can individually select:

StatusCast suggests subscribing to only relevant components as large cloud providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, have a large number of components and as a result have a lot of incidents that may not be relevant to your account.

Show off your cloud providers

Once you have added cloud providers to your account they will automatically appear in the Dashboard widget.

You can also add external providers as their own individual list, to do this navigate to the Customize Page section in the admin portal. You should see an External Cloud Applications widget now available. Drag that out to your status page and place it where you'd like it to be displayed.

Subscribe to provider notifications

By default users are not shown cloud provider components when subscribing to the status page. If you would like to give subscribers the option of subscribing to external cloud providers then navigate to the Settings > Main section of your admin portal and enable the Allow users to subscribe to cloud apps.

Availability of external cloud providers

 It's important to understand that information collected from these third party providers is subject to change based on the availability of their public status information and it's format. Please contact StatusCast's support team(support@statuscast.com) if one of your integrated cloud providers no longer reports data. 

Not enough cloud providers? 

StatusCast's cloud provider engine is built to continuously expand the number of services that we collect information from. If one of your organization's critical services is not listed as an available cloud provider then please contact StatusCast's support team(support@statuscast.com) and we will evaluate adding new providers. 

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