By default all emails sent form StatusCast come from, but for many organizations it is important to maintain a From address with your own domain. Setup the SendGrid integration to allow all incident emails to be sent from your account and From address.

To get started log into your SendGrid account and access the Settings > API Keys section. In order for StatusCast to send emails through your account you will need an API key that has the Mail Send permission enabled. If you don't already have an existing key with that permission then create one and copy the key. Next, sign into your StatusCast admin portal(https://[yourapp] Navigate to the Integrations section, locate the SendGrid card and select Install.

Enter your API key and From Address for your SendGrid account, then click Install

Now all incident emails will be sent through your SendGrid account. Note that user based emails, such as new user or password resets, will still be routed through StatusCast's email system. 

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