Before you go further, please to make sure that you qualify for the rebate by checking your email or your connect page. The code should look like this on your dashboard:

Once you gotten code, make sure you used your unique discount code when purchasing your device. If you qualify for the rebate but forgot to use your discount code, reach out to us via chat and we’ll help.

If you click through the our promotional button or link for this rebate, you don't need to enter the code, it is automatically done for you.

Next, make sure you’ve connected your device to OhmConnect. Once it is successfully connected, you will receive your rebate soon after you have successfully connected the device. Friendly reminder that the rebate will return to you in the form of points to your OhmConnect account. Please check your points history for the rebated points and you can download this information from your performance widget.

Open the Excel file and expand column D to find “Rewards for Rebates.” Please note that the rebate amount covers the item before tax.

If you have not seen your points award after 24 hours of connecting, reach out to us via chat and we’ll make sure to resolve the error. 

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