MEGA #OhmHours are a special kind of #OhmHour that come on when the grid is especially stressed. Get paid more to reduce during these critical times. 

During the Summer months, you can even win prizes for beating your MEGA #OhmHour goal. Read more about the seasonal sweepstakes MEGA Summer here.

Here’s what you need to know about MEGA #OhmHours:

  • All MEGA #OhmHours will be clearly indicated in advanced notifications and on your dashboard
  • Notifications will describe what your target energy use will to qualify and what the bonus will be... both of these will vary by user and event
  • MEGA #OhmHours are most likely to occur on weekday early evenings, as this is when the grid gets stressed the most
  • Times will vary by area, but are most likely to occur every week or two during the late spring and summer

‍How can I maximize my earnings during a MEGA #OhmHour?

  • Make sure your settings have you as available between 4PM and 9PM on weekdays
  • Pay close attention to your #OhmHour notifications so you don't miss any MEGA #OhmHours
  • Your maximum impact will come from shutting off your circuit breaker
  • Learn more about hidden energy zappers in your home and use smart plugs to make sure they are off during #OhmHours when you can't turn off your circuit breaker
  • Make sure you understand your forecast so you can apply the right strategies
  • Head out during your #OhmHour or plan activities for your family to avoid accidental energy use

Why haven't I received a MEGA #OhmHour yet?

Since MEGA #OhmHours only occur on dangerously hot days when there is extreme demand on the grid, it is possible you won’t have a MEGA #OhmHour every week. 

 Make sure you are available for #OhmHours in the late afternoon and evening.  Hang Tight!

When will I get my MEGA bonus?

MEGA #OhmHours are represented on your dashboard like any other #OhmHour. When you beat your MEGA goal, you'll see a gold star on that MEGA #OhmHour.

If you feel that there was an error in your calculation for a MEGA event, let us know right away so we can make sure we correct and include you in any weekly prizes associated with your event.

Will I still get regular #OhmHour Rewards?

Yes!  You will still be awarded base, tier, and streak points if you beat your regular forecast, even if you don't hit the MEGA goal.

What are the MEGA Goals?

MEGA goals will always be an attainable stretch goal. This is your opportunity to dig deep. Steeper reductions come with bigger rewards!

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