After your first couple of #OhmHours, you might be asking yourself, "How can I make more money with #OhmConnect?" 

The best way to get points is by beating your forecast during regular #OhmHours, but how you can score the most #OhmHour points?

The real money comes from the multipliers you can add to each #OhmHour. That's where Status and Streaks come into play. 

Check out this #OhmHour pro, and how their status and streak have more than doubled their base points!

Just a reminder: you won't earn points during Prize #OhmHours. Learn more about Prize #OhmHours here.

What are Streaks?

Streaks are multipliers that add an extra 5% to each #OhmHour you complete in a row without opting out or going over your forecast.

The increased streak bonus gets applied to each consecutive #OhmHour… so you will receive a 5% bonus on your second #OhmHour once your streak is 2, 10% when it reaches 3, etc. up to 20 #OhmHours. At and beyond a 20 #OhmHour streak, you'll earn a 100% bonus on your base points. Wowza!

Plus, we'll soften the blow if you break your streak above 20; You'll start over at 10 instead of back at 0. Worried about losing your streak? Once you have good number of tokens, you can purchase a Streak Shield card in the Token Marketplace which will allow you to maintain your streak if it is broken. 

What is Status? 

There are 6 status levels depending on your overall reductions during your #OhmHours. Carbon, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. But since we're here to maximize our points, let's concentrate on the real money-makers, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Gold status
Once you reach Gold, you'll receive a 1.5x multiplier on all of your #OhmHours while you remain in Gold status.

Here's how it works: We look back at your previous 10 #OhmHours over the last 6 months and calculate the average energy you reduced. If your average reduction is more than 15% of what we estimated, you'll up-level to Gold Status and we'll give you a 1.5x points multiplier for your #OhmHours when you beat your forecast.

Platinum status
Now we're talking! If your average reduction is more than 40% of what we expected you to use, you'll up-level to Platinum Status and we'll give you a 2x points multiplier on every #OhmHour when you beat your forecast. 

Diamond status
This is the top, folks! If your average reduction is more than 80% of what we expected you to use, you'll up-level to Diamond Status and we'll give you a 2.5x points multiplier on every #OhmHour when you beat your forecast. 

So as you can see, once you get a decent streak going, you'll start to see a lot more earnings coming your way. Couple that with a Gold or Platinum status, and that's when the big bucks start rolling in! 

What else gets me points?


Another way to earn points is through Buddy.  Buddy pairs you up with a friend, so you can check out each other's #OhmHour performance and earn extra points and tokens if you both reduce below your forecasts. You can also chat with one another and what you're each up to during #OhmHours, how you're saving, leveling up, and automating your #OhmHours with devices. 

When you and your buddy both beat your forecast during an #OhmHour, you'll both get additional tokens and points. How many depends on how much you've both saved. Some users have earned more than $100 just from Buddy alone!

Mega and Prise #OhmHours

Still another way OhmConnect helps you make money is by offering occasional Prize and MEGA OhmHours. Prize #OhmHours offer you the chance to win a bi-weekly prize, instead of getting points. MEGA #OhmHours are extra-valuable #OhmHours that reward much higher points payouts than regular #OhmHours, but you'll need to work harder to meet the criteria set for them. You may need to reduce below 70% of your forecast, or flip your breaker, but the increased payouts are worth it!  Read more about MEGA here.

In short....

  1. Always reduce below your forecast. That's #OhmHours 101.
  2. Avoid opting-out, as it breaks your streak. 
  3. Reduce as much below your forecast as possible, to get to a higher Status and earn more points
  4. Grab yourself a Buddy and save together!
  5. Pay extra attention to Prize and MEGA #OhmHours — you might earn big prizes whenever one comes your way

Still have questions? Feel free to contact support and we'll happy to help you out. 

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