Smart thermostats can help you save energy and money off your monthly utility bill and help you crush your #OhmHours, but you may be wondering whether they are worth the investment.

Great news for you if you live in California... the three largest CA utilities — PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E — offer great rebates for qualifying devices. 

All three utilities offer money back on purchases of smart thermostats. This includes an Energy Efficiency Rebate and an Automated Demand Response Rebate.

The Energy Efficiency (EE) Rebate typically applies to ENERGY STAR-certified thermostats. ENERGY STAR is a national program that lets consumers know which devices meet strict efficiency and quality standards using an easy-to-recognize label. 

The additional Automated Demand Response (ADR or DR) Rebate rewards you for connecting your smart thermostat to programs such as OhmConnect that help save energy when the grid needs it most.

Here is some information about each utility’s program*:

These rebates are offered by your utility, NOT OhmConnect. We are simply the messenger and do not have information on the status of your application (sorry!) But be aware that rebates likely take time — up to two months — to process.


  • Rebate amount: $100 ($50 EE Rebate & $50 ADR Rebate); paid via check
  • Rebate details: Review EE rebate requirements here. The ADR rebate is discussed here.
  • Ready to save? Apply for a rebate. [Note: There is no separate application for the ADR rebate. Once you apply for the EE rebate, your application will be automatically reviewed by the Demand Response team. This takes time. You will likely receive the EE rebate a while before the ADR rebate is issued.]
  • For questions about the rebates and when they will be paid out, please contact PG&E.


  • Rebate amount: $125 ($75 EE Rebate & $50 DR Rebate); multiple reward options
  • Rebate details: Review the EE and ADR rebate requirements.
  • Ready to save? The EE incentive should be claimed as a coupon before purchase. Apply for the ADR rebate by simply registering your thermostat with Nest or ecobee. [Note: You will NOT be enrolled in any other program by "enrolling" your thermostat. This language is outdated. Enrolling simply allows SDG&E to check that your thermostat has been connected.]
  • For questions about the rebates and when they will be paid out, please contact SDG&E.


  • SCE is currently updating its rebate claim process. Customers will once again be able to apply for the rebate beginning June 1.

** Please check your utility’s Terms and Conditions before purchase to ensure that a thermostat qualifies for a rebate. OhmConnect is not responsible for payment or delays in rebate processing. 

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