You may have noticed that you are receiving fewer #OhmHours as the end of summer approaches. While we try to offer as many #OhmHours and MEGA #OhmHours as we can, most users will not receive an #OhmHour every week as we move into the fall/winter months and the weather cools down. Most users can expect an #OhmHour about every 2 weeks or so. 

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Why the slowdown of #OhmHours and points?

  • The grid is more stable. As temperatures drop across the state and we’re less reliant on energy-hogging air conditioning units, demand on the energy grid is less intense.
  • The prices of electricity are lower. VERY long (and complicated) story short, electricity costs less to generate in the winter because we simply need less of it, but still have the same resources available to generate it. When demand is lower, the cheaper, more sustainable sources of energy (like wind and solar) can cover more of our needs and so the cost of electricity (and the amount energy companies are willing to pay for reduction) goes down. (Want to learn more about where the prices of electricity come from? Check out this blog from our Founder and CEO, Matt.)

And while grid stability is a good thing for the planet (less demand = less need to fire up dirty power plants), we want to keep the good times rolling all year long!

We also have a great article that explains what to expect now that summer is over here

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