With the recent time change back to Daylight Savings, we've noticed that some of the meter data we're receiving from PGE, SCE and Toronto Hydro is not accounting for the time change.
We have noticed several PGE, SCE and Toronto Hydro users who have been receiving delayed or incorrect #OhmHour utility data (energy usage in kWh) for their recent Points and Prize #OhmHours.
Also, some users are seeing their past #OhmHour results change.

Users may have  also received an email informing them that they didn't beat their forecast, and are seeing an extremely high energy usage and negative points awarded to them. An example email below:

However, when these users check their usage data, it is in fact much lower during the #OhmHour. 

When will this be fixed? 

Our engineers are aware of this issue, and are working to fix it now.
Once this Daylight Savings related issue is fixed, your incorrect #OhmHour results will be corrected automatically, and your Status and Streak will be corrected and updated as well.
We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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