Our THESL users experienced a break with their Green Button Data on THESL's site for several weeks starting from mid-December. We rely on this Green Button Data to calculate user participation during OhmHours, as we are not an official Demand Response partner with THESL.

THESL has fixed their Green Button issues, largely due to the persistence of our users notifying THESL of their Green Button break. Thank you for your help in the matter.

In integrating the "post-fix" Green Button data, we've identified a number of differences in how the data is currently packaged, compared to THESL's previous implementation. We've accounted for nearly all these differences, save one issue having to do with the keys associated with the data. The result is we've had to created new utility service records for each of our THESL users.

Since we are not officially partnered with THESL, there is nothing else truly required on THESL's part in having their Green Button data behave seamlessly with our back-end. They are currently, technically  Green Button compliant. 

The impact of these new service records means that older Ohmhours are not being calculated properly. The good news is we have continual access to THESL user data now so the nature of the fix is clear and well defined. The bad news is twofold - we are currently short staffed in our Engineering department so prioritization is an issue. Second, related to lower prioritization, we no longer have a financial position in the Toronto Demand Response market. In spite of this, we are committed to maintaining an ongoing presence in the Toronto market via THESL at our expense. We view this as an opportunity to further establish proof that residential demand response is a worthwhile endeavor.

Team OhmConnect 

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