We have detected issues with users who are attempting to connect to SDGE. Users are able to connect to SDGE (by signing into their utility through our website), but then begin receiving messages (email) telling them to reconnect.

New users trying to connect to their SDGE utility, are able to successfully select SDGE as their utility and click on the blue "Connect" button below:

However, when they are redirected to the SDGE website to enter in their log-in credentials, one of two things may happen:

Case A: Users receive message telling them to exit OhmConnect "connect utility" flow and log-in directly to their SDGE website to authorize OhmConnect's access to their meter data

Case B: Users see OhmConnect fully authorized to access their meter data from SDGE on their utility account page.

However, when they log into their OhmConnect account, they are stuck and required to go through the user flow again until they reach the utility selection dropdown page.

Case C: Users who try to create an account with OhmConnect, select SDGE as their utility and press the blue "Connect" button receive this error message:

You may receive the following error messages:

"The account you have authorized only has a gas account linked. OhmConnect requires an authorized electrical account in order to pay you for electrical energy reductions. Please try again and authorize an electrical account, or reach out to us at help@ohmconnect.com for help."

"There was an error during authorization because SDG&E believes you may be a robot. Please try again, or reach out to us at help@ohmconnect.com for help."

"There was an error during authorization because you logged out of your utility account. Please try again, clearing any existing authorizations before continuing. If you need any help, please reach out to us at help@ohmconnect.com."

For now, we are recommending users take a stab at reauthorizing their utility, using information at this link HERE and writing back to us with any questions they have

We are currently working with our engineering team to investigate and implement a fix to this issue, and will update this article as we make progress.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out with questions at this link:
https://login.ohmconnect.com/help and pressing the "Contact Support" button!

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