Please Note: MEGA Summer 2019 is now over! Stay tuned for MEGA Summer 2020. Click here to learn about OhmConnect’s offerings during non-summer months for more sweepstakes and prizes.

MEGA Summer is a seasonal sweepstakes that runs from June through September. During dangerously hot Californian (and Texas and Toronto) summer days, the demand for energy spikes (and so do your electricity bills!).

To help during those critical times, we send you a special kind of #OhmHour, called a MEGA. Your MEGA #OhmHour goal will be tougher to beat than your normal forecast, since we need our community to dig deep during these times.

The good news? MEGA #OhmHour rewards are sweeter for your wallet. Beat your MEGA #OhmHour goal and win 3x points and a chance to win the weekly sweepstakes.

If you beat your goal three times over the summer, you'll be entered to win the MEGA Grand Prize: your energy bill paid for life!

What if I don't have many MEGA #OhmHours coming my way?

Since MEGA #OhmHours are only dispatched when there is extreme demand on the grid, it is possible you won’t have a MEGA #OhmHour every week of the Summer. But don’t stress! You’ll still qualify for every week’s giveaway if you: 

  • Refer friends in eligible areas using your unique referral code. If they get to Silver Status and save energy with us during the qualification period, you’re in! OR
  • Connect your first smart device (like a Wifi thermostat or smart plug) to your OhmConnect account. Plug your energy hogging appliances into this plug. We’ll automatically power them off (and back on!) for your #OhmHours. Saving’s never been this easy!

Read more about MEGA #OhmHours here, and learn more about MEGA Summer here.

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