Due to data delays on the SCE side, most SCE users are seeing TBD (Or "SCE Issue") for #OhmHours from 9/12 to present.

We are working with SCE to get this data delivered to us as soon as possible.
Once SCE has delivered the data to OhmConnect, your #OhmHours will be updated with the correct points and usage, and your streak will be updated as well.
You can read more about why your #OhmHours show TBD here.

NOTE: You may be able to see data for these dates on the SCE website, however, we require SCE to send us that data officially as "Revenue Quality Data". So, sending us a screenshot of your data for these days will not suffice as data we can use to fix these TBDs. 

We will be updating this page every weekday going forward until we are seeing consistent data.

Update: 9/19/2019 - 10:00am
We have still not received data for the #OhmHours from 9/19 to present.

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