The Summer Challenge was a pilot program that ran from June 1st 2019 to September 30th 2019. 

What was the Summer Challenge?
The Challenge allowed enrolled users to decide how often and how much they wanted to save energy over the summer months. If users we able to beat their energy saving goal over all the events they opted into, they were paid out in full. If they weren't able to beat their goal, users didn't earn anything.

How do I claim my reward if I was successful in the Summer Challenge?
If users were successful and achieved their average reduction goal across all events at the end of the summer, they were payed out their total on Oct 1st. This was paid out in points, which can be cashed out (when a user connects their PayPal account) or in the form of an Amazon/Target Gift Card. 

I participated in the Summer Challenge but didn't beat my goal - now what?
Thanks so much for participating in the Summer Challenge! Were you off your goal by 1-2%? If so contact and we can discuss your case. Unfortunately, if you missed your reduction goal by more than 2%, we are unable to pay you out. 

Will I be able to participate in the Summer Challenge next year?
Summer 2019 was a pilot for the Summer Challenge. We'll have more details about summer 2020 later next year. Stay tuned!

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