There are three ways you can broadcast your event on Stellar:


Our preferred way to broadcast your content. Livestream your event in real time using an encoder. Check out our detailed guide on getting started with our recommended encoder, OBS Studio.

*Stellar Stream Studio does NOT record livestreams for you. If you'd like to make a livestream available as VOD after, you'll need to record the stream yourself so you can upload it for the VOD later.


You can schedule an automated livestream using a pre-recorded video of your event for a specific date and time. Please refer to our guide on creating automated livestreams here. Your pre-recorded asset must be .MP4 video file.


If you want to allow your viewers to watch your show at the time of their choice, rather than a specific time, we can do that too. In our Stream Studio, you can upload a video file that customers can access as many times as they'd like during any date range of your choice. How to set up a VOD in Stream Studio:

  1. Go to your Stream Studio.

  2. Select the event and performance to use, then Launch Stream Studio.

  3. Select VOD from the options on the left.

  4. Upload a New Stream Asset and choose the video file to upload. It must be a .MOV or .MP4 video file (.MP4 is recommended).

  5. Now go down to “Video On Demand Set Up” under the screen and select Create a new video on demand. Select the file you just uploaded from the "Select Asset" dropdown menu, then select a start and end date/time that the VOD will be available to watch. Click submit and the video will begin to transcode.

You can read more about VODs here.

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