Media Assets for your Event Listing + Home Page
There are a few different image sizes you'll need to list on Stellar. These images are required to publish your listing

Landscape Cover: Horizontal orientation (1x image and is the main header image on your event landing page): 1600 x 900
Portrait Cover: Vertical orientation (1x image and is the main image on mobile devices): 2000 x 3000

Second and Third Header Images: Vertical orientation (2x images, both images live side-by-side on your event landing page): 900 x 1600

Video Trailer (optional) - You may upload a 100MB video file as a trailer for your event. You can use .mp4 or .mov files. This video will take the spot of the Landscape Cover image on your listing, however the Landscape Cover image will still be displayed as the poster/still for your video.


Logo Thumbnail 1:1

Header Logo 2:1

Home Page Header Image 2600x1462

Page Banner Background Image 974x1468

Video file requirements for pre-recorded videos and video on demand

>8500Kbps CBR h.264 .mp4 file

Resolution: 1920x1080

192Kbps Stereo audio

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