If you will be using Goldstar for the first time, you will first need to be create a Goldstar organizer account here:

Click the purple Start Selling Your Events button, fill out the form, and click Sign Up. You will then be directed to your Audience Marketing Platform (AMP).

From the AMP, you'll need make sure that you have a finance contact on file otherwise you won't be able to submit an event. You can add/update your finance information by clicking the name of your organization on the purple bar in the upper right corner > click Settings > click Payments.

After your Goldstar organizer account is created, please make sure to inform your Stellar representative or email so they can ensure your Goldstar account is linked to your Stellar account.


Stellar charges a per ticket commission and Stellar's credit card processor, Stripe, charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Goldstar’s standard online event commission is 25% however, when you list your Stellar event on Goldstar, Goldstar matches their commission to the commission rate that you agreed on with Stellar. Commission is only charged by the platform that sold the ticket so under no circumstance would you be charged commission by Stellar and Goldstar for the same ticket.

Goldstar does not work with Stripe or another third party credit card processor therefore tickets sold by Goldstar will only be subject to the commission fee.

Goldstar issues checks and mails them out them via USPS every other Friday. Checks are mailed out to your organization's finance contact on the mailing date following a performance. To view Goldstar's mailing date schedule, click your organization's name on the purple bar of your AMP in the upper right corner and then click Payment Info. If your show takes place on the Monday through Thursday before a mailing date or on the mailing date, you can expect your check to be mailed out on the following mailing date. Please allow up to 5 business days from the day your check is mailed out for the USPS to deliver it to you.


For now, organizers must submit their event to both Stellar and Goldstar separately.

After your event is listed on Stellar, go to your Goldstar AMP and click the light blue Add Event button > click Get Started > select Online Event.

Here are a couple of things to be aware of when filling out the submission form:

  • Location: Even though you are submitting an online event, you will still be required to select a location. Select any location as it will be removed from your final event listing.

  • Distribution: Select Will-Call as your fulfillment method.

  • When you click Save and Submit after filling out the Dates and Tickets portion, you will be prompted to include any additional information about your event. Please note here in the Notes To The Advisor section that your event is a Stellar event.

Once you submit your event, Goldstar's editorial team will review it and build your listing. You will receive a listing confirmation within a couple of business days confirming when your event listing is made live by Goldstar.


When listing your event on Goldstar, it will be promoted in the following ways:

  • Newsletter (Weekly on Tuesdays / Features a roundup of all events on the site)

  • This Week (Weekly on Fridays / Features Stellar events alongside events in the following categories: Best Sellers, Newly Added and Happening Soon)

  • Emails (Daily / In addition to possibly being selected as a featured event in a dedicated email, Stellar events are promoted in all Goldstar emails)

  • Promotions (Monthly / Seasonal Promotions are announced on an ongoing basis. Please contact your Venue Advisor for more information about upcoming opportunities).

  • Boost (Daily / Goldstar’s Digital Advertising Tool. In addition to your event’s free promotion on the Goldstar site and app and in emails outlined above, you can use our paid marketing tool, Boost, to get even more exposure. Boost puts your event into additional emails in a prominent position. For a $5 CPM (cost per 1,000 emails), you can reach a wider audience, reach people multiple times and create campaigns in your event’s city or target other markets.)

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