If you're on our Professional or Volume plans Stellar offers the option of hassle-free livestreaming for your pre-recorded asset. You just upload it to our system and we schedule your stream to run automatically while you sit back and enjoy the show with your audience.

Livestream assets should be uploaded to Stream Studio no later than 24 hours before the scheduled livestream.


During the 1 hour the Stellar lobby is open before show time for livestream or prerecorded livestream events, organizers have the option to run a pre-roll. The pre-roll can be made up of a slideshow, event countdown, video trailer, etc and should be at least 10-60 minutes long. The pre-roll needs to be included in the same .mp4 asset as the show.

Stellar highly recommends that all organizers add pre-roll's to their prerecorded livestreams. The reason for this is that folks can tune in from a variety of different devices and, depending on which device and what their internet connection is like, their stream could start a few seconds late. Since the event is a livestream, they will be unable to recover the material that they missed unless their ticket also includes a video on demand.


To upload a prerecorded livestream asset to Stream Studio, first click on the Stream Studio tab from your dashboard.

Select which event and and performance you will be adding the asset for. If your event has multiple performances, you only need to upload the asset for one and Stellar will take care of the rest.

Click on the Assets tab then click Upload a New Stream Asset to upload the .mp4 asset. There is currently not a progress bar for this upload. Please note that depending on the size of your asset, it can take up to an hour to upload.

If you have any trouble uploading your asset, you're welcome to send the file to organizersupport@stellartickets.com via WeTransfer or Google Dropbox.

Once the asset is uploaded, email organizersupport@stellartickets.com and confirm the following:

  • The the livestream asset has been uploaded

  • If a pre-roll is included in the asset and the length of the pre-roll

  • The length of the full .mp4 asset

  • If you want chat and emojis enabled for your livestreams

Stellar's Organizer Support will then schedule your pre-recorded livestreams for you.

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