Event organizers have the option to enable Stellar's chat (text) and emoji reaction features during a livestream. Toggling on Chat and Reactions Enabled allows you to interact with your customers and your customers to interact with each other one hour before the show begins and throughout the duration of the show.

Organizers/Moderators of the chat have the option to customize their usernames to anything they'd like. Four emojis are available for audience reactions and they are customizable. Reaction emojis can only be enabled when chat is enabled.

Access chat from the same Stream Studio page you are using to broadcast your event and then use these five basic functions to interact with your customers:

  1. Click the Chat tab to access the functions

  2. Edit your chat admin username

  3. Use the default emoji reactions or select different ones

  4. Pin any important messages to the top of the chat window

  5. Click the blue Go To Chat button to open a separate tab. Follow along in the chat tab and sent your own messages when needed


An admin username must be selected to use chat. Simply type in the name you would like to appear to customers and click Submit. In this window, you may also disable chat completely.


Default emojis for viewers to use are the heart, laughter, raised hands and applause. If you'd like to use different emojis, click Edit Reaction. The maximum is four reaction emojis. In this window, you may also disable reactions completely.


Organizers also have the option to pin a message (including links and images) to the top of the chat.

To add an image to a pinned message, use: ![alt text](image url goes here)

To add a link to a pinned message, use: [text you want displayed](url you want linked)

To add an image with a link, use: [![image alt text here](image url)](link here)

You can find more on Markdown syntax here.

One message can be pinned at a time. The pinned message is visible when the purple toggle switched on. To edit pinned messages, click the ellipses [...] next to the message.


Clicking the blue Go To Chat button opens a new browser tab where you can follow along and participate in the group chat as an admin. This window mirrors the chat window that customers see on your livestream. You can use it to answer questions, reveal fun facts about a segment of your show or anything else you think your viewers may need. Pinned messages appear at the top of the chat.


To silence unruly or problematic chatters simply click on the name in the chat feed and the option to mute them will appear. Once muted no other chat participants will hear their commentary. They will simply be chatting to themselves in a void. Once muted, they cannot be unmuted, so this feature should be used judiciously.

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