Stellar’s proprietary Earned Media Value (EMV) algorithm determines the value of earned media content generated by your influencers during collaborations. 

Our algorithm relies on data from the Ayzenberg’s Earned Media Value Index (a.EMVI) built by pairing detailed research and years of paid buying, social and influencer experience, with smart AI-driven technologies that identify cohorts, behaviors, timing and intent. 

With a.EMVI, Stellar provides values per posted content for metrics like Value per Click (VPC), Value per View (VPV) and many more, across the major social networks. These values have become key standard reporting metrics for thousands of companies around the world, helping them understand the overall effectiveness of a campaign. 

From now on, our algorithm will help you precisely appraise influencers and track the ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns with Euro or Dollar specific valuations across  all major social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

This gives us the unique ability to provide you with a full understanding of a campaign’s overall effectiveness, real-world return on investment for an industry standard we can now all rely on.

Stellar via Ayzenberg Earned Media Value Index tracks the following platforms : 

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