Communication is key! The Communication feature in the Projects module gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with the influencers in your project straight from the platform. Simply connect your email account and start sending messages to (perspective) brand ambassadors and keep track of all their replies. Your messages and replies as well as theirs will be displayed in the inbox. Colleagues who are also working on the same project and are in touch with influencers can send and receive messages as well.

So not only do you not need to leave the platform anymore, you will also have all project-related communication saved in one place. You'll never miss a message again!

❗Important information for Gmail users: make sure your super admin whitelists the app by applying the following steps:

How Do Administrators Whitelist My App?

A G Suite super administrator is the only person who can whitelist your application for a customer organization. If the super administrator whitelists the application, anyone at your company will be able to sync their accounts into the application.

First, get your project client ID by going to

How do I Instruct Super Admins to Whitelist Applications?

1. Admins should sign in to their Google Admin Console; from the Google Admin dashboard, go to “Security” and open up “Settings”.

2. Then, admins should scroll down and click on “API Permissions”

3. Click on “Manage Third-Party App Access”.

4. Click on “Add App” and select “OAuth App Name Or Client ID”

5. Have them search for the Stellar app name with the code ** or simply add your Google Client ID we shared with you on the previous page: * *

6. The Google project the admin whitelisted will now appear in their list of “App Access Control” and your team members can now connect their inboxes to our Projects module.

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