Please follow all Steps below:

Have you finalised your registration An App account is ONLY created once you have finalised your STEPtember registration.

If the App isn't working on your device, you may have an outdated version. Please delete any old STEPtember Apps and reinstall the new app.

Click here for iOS users version - IOS is 6.0.0-2 OTA v11

Click here for Android users version - Android is 6.2.0-89

Note: if you are logged in and need to check, go to MENU, scroll down to Check for Updates - see below:

If you are having challenges logging in, please check that you are using your correct user email and password. A straightforward way to check this is to try logging in to the website via your preferred mobile browser. This will help you confirm that you have got working internet access. If you cannot load the STEPtember website, please check your internet WIFI / 4G access.

If the above is working fine, please make ensure your device is not set to caps lock, check all spelling, and try again.

If you’re still having issues, you can:

  1. Reset your password in your account

  2. Log in again to the STEPtember website with your refreshed password

  3. Try to log in to the app again

  4. Check in with a colleague or family member – can they log into your account using your credentials via their STEPtember App? If they can log in successfully, please try to reset the network settings of your device. Please find below a link to the reset instructions. Please note, this will remove your saved Wi-Fi passwords, so please make sure you know them before continuing.

iOS Reset Network Settings see #7 in the tips list.

Android Reset Network Settings

Please also check out more information on the STEPtember APP here!

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